Are you up for filming with a smart phone?

We all know it; new technologies are changing our world fast and impacting our lives.

Everything from the arts and culture to entertainment and economy are transformed. And just like that, things unimaginable to previous generations, such as social media, digital currencies, and metaverse, have all become indispensable parts of the human experience.

Cellular phones that have become an extension of our being are recording every colorful moment and emotion, allowing us to not only document but also share with the world.

What do you say to writing a script, filming it and sharing that film with us?

If you own a phone equipped with a camera, then you can become the script writer, cinematographer or director of a documentary, or a fiction film, even a music video. The only thing you need is the desire to follow your creative mind.

Trust us when we say this, it is a lot of fun to make a film!

Filming with a cell phone is becoming
very popular.

Filming with a cell phone is becoming very popular. Even famous directors are doing it! In 2015 Sean Baker won a ton of awards with Tangerine, which he shot using three cell phones. Oscar winner Steven Sodenbergh filmed Unsane in 2018 with a mobile phone. As you can see there is nothing preventing you from shooting your film with your cell phone, and receiving awards for it.

Making a film has never
been so easy.

Making a film has never been so easy. Just with the phone in your pocket, you can become a director and complete your movie without needing a big production. All you need is a good story, using your existing resources well, setting aside adequate time for your preliminary work, and finding a way to entice your talented friends to be in the film. Abide by these rules and you shall have a wonderful movie in your hands to share with the world.

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