Selected Films 2022

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The day to day life of a woman who only yearns to live.










Pablo and Diego are brothers who work as dishwashers at a local bar and play soccer in the afternoons. On the way home from practice one day, Diego is the victim of a hit and run. Pablo and his widowed mother are unable to pay for Diego’s life-saving surgeries, which prompts Pablo to recruit a team of eclectic friends and enter a soccer tournament to win the $100,000 peso prize money.



War is killed the relationship and humanity , it is a dangerous to every human and every country.
This story is happening in Srilankan local war days and in to the bunker. This is a story about the emotional drama between two sons (Sekar, Naathan) and a daughter (Kumari) who have been looking after their injured elderly mother who cannot walk.
In a peak tensed situation of war, all these family members get stuck within a bunker.
All the 3 children of the old mother has separate families for them with young children.





Director Biography                 Elizabeth Marlo

She studied Film and television at Centro de Estudios en Ciencias de la Comunicación (Mexico City). She is co-founder of the production company Ananké Films and has been developed in several projects as producer and director, including fiction and advertising.




Director Biography     Miguel Flatow

Miguel Flatow is a Mexican screenwriter, director and producer. At age 17, Flatow moved to the United States to study film and literature at Kenyon College. He then went on to earn an MFA at New York University (NYU) where he studied Creative Writing and Screenwriting. He then moved to Los Angeles to write and direct for film and television and shot several short films. He moved to Chiapas, Mexico and filled Va Por Diego, his first feature, in 2020 and edited the film himself during the pandemic. For television Miguel recently sold a TV show at studio level which will be announced imminently.



Director Biography  Mathi Sutha

I’m a Srilankan Film maker but We are minority Peoples in our nation So I’m tell our story via cinema.